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Documents We have Received on The Libyan Assets Recovery Scandal: Sam Serj with Libyan Governments, UN and Assets Shipments

    A 21st August 2015 Continuation from our 8th of July article, When Libyan Journalism yields to Its Politics: Corruption is not invited to the Round Table Discussion   Due to the significance of the new revelations by Jacob Borg in his 20th August The Malta Independent’s article entitled Maltese company tried to broker $270 […]

When Libyan Journalism yields to Its Politics: Corruption is not invited to the Round Table Discussion

  A 5 January 2015 note from the Authors:   It seems the world was watching.   Libyan demands for responsible journalism from its media have been addressed.  Three weeks after this article – 8 July, a UNESCO declaration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain was signed in Madrid on the 30 July […]

Excerpts from Dr. Howard Adelman’s critiques on the Libyan Assets Recovery Scandal

  Winter is Coming… …And we wanted the Libyan people to be prepared for the onslaught of new investigations into the Libyan Assets Recovery Issue.  This was from the conclusion of our last article on the Libyan Assets recovery issue on 16 February 2015: Post Script: We contacted a Canadian philosopher who is a world-renowned […]

The United States Embedded in Libya: Libyan National Assets – Tobruk 1962 & 2015

  Fifty-three years apart and the same subject is discussed in the same city with the same international actor seeking to influence Libyan domestic politics.    The years are 1962 & 2015.   The subject is The Libyan National Assets.   The city is Tobruk and the international actor is the United States. The difference is that unlike […]

Erik Goaied’s Google Plus ‘People Circles’ from January 2015: ‘Without Data You’re Just Another Person with an Opinion’

      A note to our readers on 4 January 2016: The data contained in this The New Libya Report article is consider so accurate, thus creditable that The M & G CENTRE FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, a South African “non-profit company founded to develop investigative journalism in the public interest” used this article as […]

Erik Goaied, Douglas Keith Foree & FARA #6261: The Recovered Libyan Assets to be kept “within the United States”

    Looking for Erik Goaied’s FARA#6261?  These are the 5 original Erik Goaied/WACG documents.  Although no longer on file with the Department of Justice-FARA Registration Unit as of June 2015  – our FARA PDFs copies are downloadable: As the PDFs were when we published on 16 December 2014: Our PDF copy:    6261-Exhibit-AB-20141110-1  Our PDF […]

Ari Ben Menashe et al file NEW US Government FARA documents

A note from the Authors: We will be updating this article with a review of the documents. But, until that time please download our PDFs of the 5 new FARA registration statements or go directly to the FARA site. There are new documents filed in November 2014 by Ari Ben Menashe and Patrick B. Hughes. […]