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The Libyan Presidency: Does the Road to Tripoli go through Washington, DC?

    Unfortunately, it seems that a few Libyan politicians believe it does, as perplexing as it may seem.  This is the second time the issue materialized due to a Libyan politician making the rounds in Washington. Controversially,  one could argue that these two Libyan politicians have paid to market themselves to the American media, […]

عبد الباسط أقطيط: رمز جديد لليبيين

عبد الباسط أقطيط: رمز جديد لليبيين وصلنا من أحد المتبعين لهذه الصفحة المذكرة التي أرسلها السيد عبدالباسط أقطيط إلي أعضاء المؤتمر الوطني العام مفصحآ عن ترشيح نفسه لمنصب رئيسآ لوزراء ليبيا، وعلى الرغم من أننا لا نستطيع تأكيد صحة هذه المذكرة لأنها أرسلت إلى أعضاء المؤتمر ومع ذلك تبدو المذكرة حقيقية لأنها تحتوي على نفس […]

Basit Igtet’s Richard Griffiths: a Business Partner with CIA, FBI & other Intelligence Agencies’ Connections…

      An Update from the Authors: Where are they now – we note that it is so important for the Libyan citizenry to know the background of any possible experts during the reconstruction, we note on the 22nd December 2015 & on 4th & 8th January 2016 that AmchamLibya President Richard H. Griffiths […]

Basit Igtet’s Independent Libya Foundation: An Uncharitable Critique

  Basit Igtet’s Independent Libya is a charity in URL-registered domain name alone.  The organization’s website is:   Although required by US law, the organization founded in New York in 2011, was NEVER and is still NOT a registered 501(c)(3) charity in New York.   Nor has the foundation registered to operate as a non-profit […]