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Will Saif Gaddafi be Granted Amnesty in Accordance with Libya’s General Amnesty Law? No, Not Based on its Articles.

    A Legal Opinion on Granting Amnesty – or Not – to Saif Gaddafi This is the second part to our op/ed discussion in Arabic: رأي قانوني وافي في قرار العفو عن سيف القذافي Highlights: There is NO evidence that the HoR’s General Amnesty Law exists.  In fact, the evidence documents – under Libyan Law […]

رأي قانوني وافي في قرار العفو عن سيف القذافي

. . . رأي قانوني وافي في قرار العفو عن سيف القذافي شاهدنا الأسبوع الماضي، ولازلنا نشاهد، جدال هائل حول قانونية قرار العقيد العجمي العتيري آمر كتيبة ابوبكر الصديق التابعة للمجلس العسكري الزنتان بإطلاق سراح سيف القذافي تحت عذر تطبيق قانون العفو العام الصادر عن مجلس النواب الليبي، والخطاب الموجه من وزير العدل بالحكومة المؤقتة […]

‘History is written by the Victors’ or is it the Bullies? The ICC’S Eradication of the Melinda Taylor Incident

  ‘History is written by the Victors’.   When Winston Churchill expressed this iconic statement, he seemed to have been coining a more statesman-like version of Might means Right.   In the case of the Melinda Taylor incident, considering the ICC’s strong-arm tactics,  Might means Right seems to be the better fit for our discussion. This issue’s […]

John Jones, Amal Alamuddin & Libya: A Financial Cache of Libya’s ICC Case

  At our readers’ request: Our issues with Amal Alamuddin’s finances.   Scroll half-way through the article until you see her Libyan client, Abdullah Senussi.  Muammar Gaddafi’s spy chief and brother-in-law.  _____________________   An important Financial Update from the Authors:  On the 30th of July 2015, we provide an excerpt from the 2015 United Nations […]

George Clooney’s Friends-Amal Alamuddin, Samantha Power and R2P: Implications for Libya

A note from the Authors:   We are pleased to note to our readers that the prominent Canadian philosopher, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at York University and founder and director of York’s Centre for Refugee Studies, Dr. Howard Adelman, LIKED this article.  (located at the end)  Dr. Adelman’s WordPress site is Howard Adelman, Politics, philosophy, […]

Doughty Street’s Amal Alamuddin, John Jones and Wayne Jordash & ALL Their Libyan Clients

  Doughty Street Chambers‘ members Amal Alamuddin, John Jones and Wayne Jordash represent three DIFFERENT Libyan clients on EITHER side of the SAME Libyan case at the ICC.   That is ALL the case’s participants… Everyone. Simultaneously, DSC’s Amal Alamuddin represents Abdulla Senussi,  DSC’s John Jones represents Saif Gaddafi while on the opposing side DSC’s Wayne Jordash represents Libya.   As […]

Libya: The ICC, Abdulla Senussi and the Elusive Truth

  As the trial for ‘Case 630’ resumes in Tripoli, a lot of sand has been kicked up by human rights lawyers and human rights NGOs culminating in a sand storm in what appears to be an intent to hide the genuine facts.  This is a situation where the one who shouts the loudest or […]