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‘History is written by the Victors’ or is it the Bullies? The ICC’S Eradication of the Melinda Taylor Incident

  ‘History is written by the Victors’.   When Winston Churchill expressed this iconic statement, he seemed to have been coining a more statesman-like version of Might means Right.   In the case of the Melinda Taylor incident, considering the ICC’s strong-arm tactics,  Might means Right seems to be the better fit for our discussion. This issue’s […]

John Jones, Amal Alamuddin & Libya: A Financial Cache of Libya’s ICC Case

  At our readers’ request: Our issues with Amal Alamuddin’s finances.   Scroll half-way through the article until you see her Libyan client, Abdullah Senussi.  Muammar Gaddafi’s spy chief and brother-in-law.  _____________________   An important Financial Update from the Authors:  On the 30th of July 2015, we provide an excerpt from the 2015 United Nations […]

George Clooney’s Friends-Amal Alamuddin, Samantha Power and R2P: Implications for Libya

A note from the Authors:   We are pleased to note to our readers that the prominent Canadian philosopher, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at York University and founder and director of York’s Centre for Refugee Studies, Dr. Howard Adelman, LIKED this article.  (located at the end)  Dr. Adelman’s WordPress site is Howard Adelman, Politics, philosophy, […]

Amal Alamuddin: Dismissing Libya’s Legitimate Legal Right since 2012

  We have been following Ms. Alamuddin’s involvement with the Libyan legal issues prior to becoming part of Abdulla Senussi’s legal team with lead council, Matrix Chambers’ Ben Emmerson.  Back then it seemed that the only subject was Saif Gaddafi. See our copy of the presently-hard-to-locate PDF: Amal Alamuddin’s article about Saif and ICC .    At the […]

Matrix Chambers’ Conflict of Interest with their clients: Libya and Abdulla Senussi

  Matrix Chambers’ members represent BOTH sides of the same issue facing Libya at the ICC.  Simultaneously, Matrix Chambers’ Philippe Sands and Michelle Butler represent Libya while Matrix Chambers’ Ben Emmerson represents Abdulla Senussi.  As a result, Matrix lawyers have filed briefs before the ICC to both retain Abdulla Senussi on Libyan soil and to move him to the International Criminal Court […]

An Open Letter to Abdel Hakim Belhadj AND the Libyan People.

  A NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS:  Our first article was written to inform about the scandal of the London Law firm handling Libya’s international legal cases at that time,  and then we including another law firm representing BOTH sides and ALL participants in the ICC case.  Although, Mr. Belhadj’s case is running its course, (with […]